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Vex IQ Education Kit (2nd gen)

Mini Forklift

This robot adds a simple forklift arm to the Mini Skid Steer to make a compact little forklift that can lift and carry loads on pallet frames that you can build. The distance sensor is mounted on the front of the lift to allow the robot to sense when it has found a load, and even find it on its own.

4-Wheel drive skid steer allows the robot to turn with all rubber tires, but you can also put the omni wheels in the back and this works well too.

You can drive the robot and operate the lift using the custom remote control program below, or try out the two autonomous programs that use the distance sensor to locate and lift a load and deliver it somewhere else.

Building Instructions

Mini Skid Steer

Mini Forklift



Make sure you start each run of these programs with the lift flat on the ground.

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