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Pickup Truck and Trailer

Have you ever tried backing up in a truck with a trailer attached? It certainly takes some practice. Give it a try with this truck and trailer model. The pickup truck drives and steers with two drive motors and car-like pivoting front wheels, which are controlled together by the remote control programs.

Choose from two different trailers for it to tow: a flatbed trailer that can carry several different small go-kart and car models, or a utility trailer designed to carry a mini lawnmower. There are lots of different things to build with this model, so it can keep you busy building for a while! 

After building the Pickup Truck Chassis and Body, choose either the Flatbed Trailer or the Utility Tralier to start with, then you can add the Mini Lawnmower to the Utility Trailer or any of the other small cars (or a LEGO Speed Champions or similar car) to the Flatbed Trailer.

Building Instructions

Pickup Truck Chassis

Pickup Truck Body

Utility Trailer

Mini Lawnmower

Flatbed Trailer

Off-Road Go-Kart

Racing Go-Kart

Rally Car


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